Granfondo disc

What does an ex-Pro cyclist feel riding a road bicycle with discs for the first time? Ricardo Pichetta, Officine Mattio’s ambassador, tells us his first experience with an OM Granfondo Disc.


The beauty conquers the heart

The Officine Mattio Granfondo has been my first road bike with disc brakes. It was a great challenge for me because, since discs have been installed on the road bike, I’ve always been skeptical: could this innovation really be functional in the road bicycle world?
However, the road for the heart starts from the eyes, and the Granfondo disc with its beauty made my heart beat immediately, so I forgot my initial hesitation.

Aesthetically perfect

The geometry is slightly different from usual: the horizontal tube is shorter, the steering is quite high to ensure a better comfort while the sloping back guarantees the responsiveness of the frame.
Aesthetically the Granfondo Disc has a total customization, in fact, it’s painted with an incredible mix of colors: a chrome-plated base is enriched with an orange McLaren that gives vivacity to a perfect composition, even the steam has a finishing that goes with the frame.
The OM mounts the new wireless Sram Red Etap Disc, an Ax Lightness total carbon saddle and, the icing on the cake, Lightweight Meilestein disc wheels with a Continental sprinter tire. Incredibly beautiful and light: only 6.740kg!


Excited, I go home with my heart beating hard. I get it in level with my measures, knowing that probably I would have to change something to suit best the new geometry.
I dress at the speed of light, then I hop on the saddle. Living at Albaretto della Torre, into the heart of Langhe (Monferrato), I have the leisure to choose: should I start with uphill or downhill? Obviously, I choose downhill: I must test the disc brakes first! I cycle out from my house gate and I throw myself headlong down the road. The new geometry gives me a sense of complete control over the bike, I feel secure. Ready to test the brakes, I come to the first curve helped by a good slope (around 12%). The responsiveness is impressive, something new from my experience in road cycling with carbon wheels. My thought is: FIGATA TOTALE! (means something stronger than “total awesome!”) The security is improved, increasing at the same time performance and lightheartedness on a descent.

Reactivity, not just in braking

The bike goes easily along the curves and I begin to bend like Valentino Rossi: the downhill is all fun, without problems of control. All the last hairpins roll fast and they take me to Gallo Grinzane, where I decide to climb La Morra. I feel a good reaction under the pedals, the OM keeps perfectly my rhythm. This is not a tough climb, the slope is around 5/7%. While I stand up the pedals to accelerate the pace I feel its fluid reaction following my boost,
Lightweight wheels are something GODURIOSO (hard to translate, but it sounds like “extremely pleasant”), they’re my favorite: I won with them a stage at the Giro delle Valli Cuneesi in 2011, a double honor because Fabio Aru took the second place. They were Meilestein Obermayer, I borrowed them from my friend Pietro and I thank him again for that.
The climbing goes fast, I notice a little noise while I stand up to pedals: it’s the disc that needs to adapt, as the mechanic from CicliMattio told me beforehand, nothing to worry about.

On the roof of Langhe

I finally get to the top, surrounded by an awesome landscape: I’m on the rooftop of Langhe! I take a picture of my OM shining like the sun, then I take a break with another excellence of my territory: a glass of Nebbiolo. I take then the return road with my smile on, following a wavy route to get a confirmation of my already great feeling with my Granfondo Disc, passing from Verduno and then Diano d’Alba. What I feel different after 1h30′ ride at full speed is the riding comfort thanks to the higher front position.

The shining Granfondo at La Morra

Between comfort and performance

So here I am at home after a 2h30′ fast and furious riding, totally pleased with my new wheels that assured me a totally secure, less stressing and especially fun race.
I recommend this bicycle to those who want to ride a real jewel, easy on the eyes but above all functioning, comfortable and safe. If you’re looking for a comfortable and amusing bicycle for long rides and granfondo this bike is made for you.
Race fans, do not worry: just change slightly the geometry and you will be satisfied too