La Fausto Coppi + Officine Mattio

Source: La Stampa

Great news for the 2018 international marathon of Cuneo “La Fausto Coppi”; the cyclosportive race discloses a new «Title Sponsor»: Officine Mattio. The event becomes part of the renowned circuit “Prestigio” sponsored by “Cicloturismo” magazine going by the new name of “La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio”.

From the left Giovanni Monge Roffarello, Davide Lauro, Emma Mana, Silvio Mattio, Giorgio Borge

Officine Mattio is a young brand based in Piasco successfully established in the international market. The secret? It’s in the artisan quality of the frame: only made in Italy, carbon fiber or steel, and totally customized.
“We decided to reinforce our collaboration with La Fausto Coppi – explains Giovanni Monge Roffarello, owner of the brand – launching a great plan of partnership because we believe in this extraordinary event for amateurs that arrive in Cuneo from all over the globe. It’s an honor to tie our brand to this gran fondo and to collaborate with who wants to make a name and to get the world appreciate our magnificent mountains.”

“It’s great to fall back on the collaboration with a prestigious brand of cycling like Officine Mattio – tell us Emma Mana and Davide Lauro, president and vice president of the association La Fausto Coppi On the Road – and we are pleased that two institutions of Cuneo are working as a team for the same important and challenging project: promoting cycling and making this spectacular land known to the world.”


The «Prestigio»  circuit

Starting from 2018 the gran fondo “La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio” will enter the races’ schedule of “Prestigio” circuit, promoted by Cicloturismo magazine. Prestigio, now at its 23rd edition, is a challenge that rewards the cyclist who participates at least at 7 out of the 10 scheduled races. The categories are men, women, over 65, disabled, and teams. Prestigio hasn’t a classification based on time, and for that reason, it rewards, in the same way, all its participants: the only thing that matters is to arrive at the end of the races, in any position and without exceeding the time limit. So, what’s the prize? It’s composed by a pennant to wear with pride on the jersey, a personalized diploma and the citation of all the names of the “prestigious” in our magazine.”


Alternative proof to the Maratone delle dolomiti

The schedule, made of 10 races, will see in 2018 the inclusion of “La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio” as an alternative proof of the Maratona delle Dolomiti. Cyclists who will be not selected by the drawing of lots for the GF in Trentino will have the opportunity to join the “Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio” to get a “scudetto” (the pennant).


Numerus Clausus at 2600 athletes

After the record edition of 2017, who had more than 2500 runners at its start, the granfondo “La Fausto Coppi Officine Mattio” will be at numerus clausus: 2600 cyclists.

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