A dream made in Italy

At the bottom of the mountain

According to commonplace about Italians, we should be a population made of saints, poets, and sailors. Unfortunately here in Piedmont, we don’t have sea and, indeed, we are separated from it by its opposite: the mountains. The Alps, a cradle of stone that protected and intrigued its inhabitants and foreigners from the dawn of time. Just try to imagine the reaction the Carthaginian Hannibal, a man who had the sea in his surname (Barca, that means boat in Italian), might have had standing in front of such a big mountain like Monviso for the first time!

Yes, Monviso… Certainly not the highest peak of Alps, but undoubtedly the most iconic and perfect mountain ever designed by nature. If you never saw its shape, it’s exactly like the profile that everyone would draw if he was asked to design a mountain: a near-perfect pyramid, accompanied by many minor spires, almost a gothic cathedral of nature

Perfect as water, solid as a rock, light as the wind.

When Giovanni, the keyman of Officine Mattio, asked me to write for his blog, I’ve tried to understand what drove him to embark himself on this new project. The answer was easy: the wish of creating a product that every true enthusiast desire, a bicycle that succeeds in indulging in every part the expectation of the cyclist. I would like to think that the OM logo, a stylized Monviso, was not merely chosen to identify the brand with the mountain symbol of our territory, but also to reflect the same ambition of perfection.

The OM logo, in which the monogram blend into the Monviso’s shape

If Monviso was shaped by some complex geological movement, an OM rely on the cycling tradition of our country, with the aim of writing, despite the relentless globalization, a new page of the Italian bicycle’s history.

This blog will try to narrate Officine Mattio’s project in all its aspects: from the know-how who guides the hands of our artisans to the historical and cultural contest where it has its roots, to arrive finally to the emotions of the cyclists that have decided to become part of this project.

Who knows, maybe you too – reader of this blog – one day will become the protagonist of our stories.

Om cyclist around the world